Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making the Right Career Change

We go to high school, go to college, and concentrate on our careers. The universities prepare us for the real world by enhancing our talents so that we do well in our chosen fields. We continue living this somewhat happy life but find ourselves growing more and more restless each day. We wonder, and then wham! The realization hits us like a bolt of lightning: we are no longer happy with our jobs. We realize after years of study that this isn’t what we wanted after all. We kick and scold ourselves, somewhat thinking that we should’ve thought more about this when we had all the time in the world. Then we wonder, could it be too late for us to make a career change? What if this is just a phase of our lives much similar to a mid-life crisis? Before we make any final decision, we have to think things through. Then, we have to stop punishing ourselves for the dire situation we created. We have to know that life is an ongoing learning experience, and regardless of age, there are too just too many aspects to learn in life that a lifetime is not enough to figure all these out.

Change is inevitable, and it doesn't mean we cannot learn to make something worthwhile of the necessary changes that life presents us with. Our careers keep us on a steady path, but when we are no longer happy with it, it’s difficult to stay on that path. We cannot help but veer away from it. It’s human nature to stay away from the things that displease us.

No matter how much we earn, the feeling of fulfillment must never be undervalued. We need to achieve the feeling of true accomplishment if we really want to be happy. Once we’ve decided on what to really concentrate on and specialize in, we need to plan ways wherein we can equip ourselves with the skills needed to earn that job. Letting go of our present careers completely may be too difficult to achieve. This is our bread and butter at the moment, and we would unable to do anything if there is no income coming in. Plan and make the shift slowly. If we have to offer extra hours at night, so be it. If the end makes us happy, then we might have to work hard to reach it.

In making in a big decision in changing your path, you may need some help. You should never hesitate to ask for it. We need someone who can help us put everything in perspective. Seeking support helps us to stay afloat when we feel like we’re drowning.

Making a change is always a tough decision to make. Ideally, we should have made the choice even before entering college, but it is never too late for anyone. Nowadays, we all can make something of ourselves with the help of modern technology. As long as we have the drive to enrich ourselves with the skill, doors will always be open for us.

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