Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

Comfort zones provide us with that warm fuzzy feeling because we know that we will always have a place filled with things that are familiar to us. When the unexpected happens, we sometimes don’t know how to react, especially if it is something we do not want. Our comfort zones provide solace and peace when life just gets too stressful. Sometimes, things get too tough to handle, and we retreat to this cozy place for a breather.

Unfortunately, when we want to achieve greatness in this lifetime, we have to realize that we need to get out and step into the unknown. Prominence and success exist outside the comfort zone. Those who achieve do so because they put themselves on the line and were willing to take risks. They do things that most won’t necessarily dare to do.

Growing up, we were taught to always take the safe route for the sake of our health and sanity. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t operate that way. In fact, the real world is really as tough as how we imagined it to be. We were taught to believe that we could survive with just a good education to back us up. Going through school may open the doors of opportunities, but victory comes from something deeper.

Developing the habit of making ourselves adapt to whatever environment we’re placed in is one of the most important things that we can do to ensure our continuous development. We should not limit our comfort zones to only one place. In fact, we should be able to fit in and adapt wherever we are. We should be comfortable with change and resilient to discovery of new things.

Too many people just wish to surround themselves with only what they know for the sake of their own comfort. They try to keep surprises to a minimum and excuse their attitude by saying that they’re a creature of habit. They call themselves smart and rational because they hold themselves back, thinking that everything outside their comfortable circle poses danger. While they want to do more, the fact that they already know what to expect is more desirable.

Typically, it is fear of being ridiculed or looking bad that stops them. If they think that they cannot be successful, then they’d rather not try it. Their attitude is what paralyzes them. Fact is, doing things for the first time is always difficult for everybody. Practice makes perfect, and in time, our endeavors will pay back. Sadly, most people believe in the concept of sticking with what is tried and tested. As a result, they lead boring lives, lives devoid of sheer fun and adventure.

If we want more out of life, we need to bring out our adventurous side.
Comfort zones don’t mean anything for risk takers because they know that reaching their goal trumps fear. Let us not live our lives in a box. Life always bestows its share of surprises, and rather than running away from them, which is nearly impossible to do, let us embrace our experiences and learn to see the bright side in these fateful shockers.

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